Monday, April 28, 2014

A Year of Running in review

Here is my "How I started running" story

April 2013 - I signed up for first 5K with my family to support Autism. I had done no training and just thought I would be ok because I was "in shape" from playing basketball each day. Well the day before the 5K I got a severe sprain and was on crutches watching the 5K. This was really my first introduction into the world of running. I immediately had strong feelings of wanting to be out there competing with people.

May 2013 - Got off crutches & on May15th did my first run since high school. It was just an out & back run on a gravel road from our house. I lost count of how many times I stopped for air or to just walk. It was rough, but i was determined to keep trying.

I have had many challenges and tough runs but have got myself ready to run my 1st Marathon on May 4, 2014. That is less than 365 days from my 1st run.

I will finish the 12 months with over 1000 total miles logged.

Here are my races for the past 12 months.

race Date time Pace Miles place
5K 5/26/13 0:24:31 0:07:55 3.1 Atkinson Festival of Races
5K 6/8/13 0:24:15 0:07:49 3.1 Spalding Run Around Town
10K 6/22/13 0:49:12 0:07:56 6.2 Hastings Run for your health
1 Mile 7/7/13 0:05:56 0:05:56 1.0 Lincoln Mile
5K 8/11/13 0:21:52 0:07:03 3.1 Hastings Kool Aide Days
Half Marathon 8/31/13 2:05:00 0:09:33 13.1 Grand Island Bill Seymour
Half Marathon 10/20/13 1:50:29 0:08:26 13.1 Denver Rock n Roll
5K 3/8/14 0:20:59 0:06:46 3.1 David City Pi Run
5K 4/26/14 0:20:31 0:06:37 3.1 Omaha Autism Run
Marathon 5/4/14 TBD TBD 26.2 Lincoln Marathon

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Marathon Training

I have completed week 14 of my 16 week marathon training. May 4th will be my first Marathon. I finished up this week with a 22 miler which helped me feel ready and confident. 

I have 2 weeks left of tapering until my first marathon. As you can see my pace was just shy of 9 minutes on my long run this week. I need a 7 minute pace for all 26 to qualify for Boston. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm trying not to put a time goal on myself for this run, it's my first marathon, my benchmark.