Thursday, August 4, 2016

Taco Mile

The "Beer Mile" parody..."Taco Mile" was brutal stuff. Not sure if it was the nachos before hand or the hard shell choice that added to the difficulty.

Right away in bite 2 of taco 1 I had some hard shell in my throat that kept making me cough throughout. Taco 3 and Taco 4 were tough to get down.

Finished in 8:05 missing my initial goal of 8:00. I simply didn't want to run too fast to get back to having to eat another taco. I told K before hand, the worst that is going to happen is I could get so sick I hate tacos forever. She said well the worst is you could possibly choke and die...2 of the same kiddo, 2 of the same. Here is a little video collection of "Taco Mile 2016"

Lap 3 of Taco Mile 
Finish Thoughts